Are You Really Covered?

Alion-2633705_1920 Personal Insurance Update

A personal umbrella policy can protect your family for less than a dollar a day.  An umbrella policy can provide added limits over your auto and home insurance.  Our team of professional agents can review your personal insurance program and recommend any updates or changes.

There are many reasons to consider a personal umbrella policy including an increase in personal litigation lawsuits, the need to protect your personal assets, and the peace of mind this coverage provides.  In the event your underlying policy limits are exhausted, your personal umbrella coverage can provide added limits.

  • A personal umbrella can add liability coverage over your home, auto, motorcycle, RV, and even rental properties.
  • Coverage can include legal fees.

If you have any assets including a good income, investments, equity in your home, or possible inheritance, you should consider the additional coverage.  A personal umbrella policy can give you and your family more security and peace of mind.

Additional Coverage For Peace-Of-Mind Living.

North Bay Insurance Brokers is committed to providing expert advice and quality insurance products that keep your future protected. From keeping your identity and confidential information secure to insuring your personal items under an umbrella policy, we have the solutions you’ve been looking for should theft, an accident or even a lawsuit ever occur