We Care…And So Should You!


California Insurance Companies Do Differ

We have access to many different insurance companies. There are some companies that specialize in motorcycle insurance, and others that offer custom homeowner’s insurance. You rely on your agent to help you understand the value of each insurance company. However, insurance companies are not all created equal, and we wanted to put forward to you the traits of a good insurance company.

Important Insurance Company Traits

  1. Online vs. people–if you ever need to call the insurance company, do you get a real person, or do they ask you to do all your transactions online? We believe that it is best to talk to a real person.
  2. Quick claims response–let’s face it; you buy insurance to have your claims paid. For example, if you have an accident, will your claim be handled quickly and fairly?
  3. Financial stability–you want your insurance company to be there for you in the long run. We review the financial performance of your insurance company on a regular basis to make sure you are protected as long as you need the insurance.
  4. Customer satisfaction–JD Powers and Associates publishes customer satisfaction ratings and provides information about the top insurance companies based on customer satisfaction surveys. More importantly, are you happy with the insurance company?
  5. Competitive premiums–price is always important, but our goal is to find you the best possible combination of price, coverage, and service. Cheap auto insurance could lead to uninsured losses.
  6. Experience–When you do call the insurance company, are their employees qualified to understand your needs, or do you get a college student working a summer job?

As a locally owned and operated insurance agency in Sonoma, California, North Bay Insurance Brokers is committed to providing quality insurance products for individuals and businesses. We combine our strong insurance background and product knowledge to assist both current and future clients in managing and planning for all types of risk.