When The Cats Away The Mice May Play

MF WC 12Workers’ compensation fraud is becoming a major issue for employers and impacting costs for everyone. Experts estimate that workers’ comp fraud costs billions of dollars every year. The national crime bureau estimates that 10% of workers’ comp claims are fraudulent.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation is an important part of your North Bay business insurance program. It is required by state law that your business has workers’ compensation insurance.

Employees — Workers’ compensation provides injured employees with medical treatment and time loss in the event of a serious injury.

Employers — Workers’ compensation provides employers with the security that insurance will be there to help treat and restore injured workers.

The Top Types Of Workers’ Comp Fraud

  1. Making a false claim. This is where the injury never actually occurred.
  2. Working another job while collecting work comp benefits. Some individuals may be on workers’ comp and have a second job.
  3. The exaggerated claim. An injured worker may have a legal claim but exaggerates the severity in order to collect more money.

What Can Employers Do To Reduce Workers’ Comp Fraud?

  • Investigate every claim.
  • Establish procedures for reporting accidents.
  • Educate your employees about workers’ compensation.
  • Offer a return to work program.
  • Stay in contact with employees for the duration of the time off.
  • Maintain a safety program with active employee involvement.
  • Stay in contact with employees for the duration of the time off.
  • Have a designated workers’ compensation medical provider.

North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc. understands the value of good employees. We know that your day-to-day operations depend on their hard work, expertise, and dedication, and if you supply them with quality benefits and plans, they can work with the peace of mind assurance that they’re properly protected.


Having the right Workers Compensation plan from North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc. can allow your business to ensure payments and cover expenses if an employee is injured from a work-related accident. Injuries can range from car accidents and back injuries to equipment malfunctions and, in some unfortunate cases, death.