The Weather Started Getting Rough… The Tiny Ship Was Tossed

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Is Your North Bay Home Insurance Prepared For Severe Weather?

We have been experiencing droughts throughout our state, and we can’t water our lawns. Yet the weather experts are now predicting severe winter weather, including above average rainfall. Many state and local emergency officials are now preparing for severe flooding. They say we may be in for a very wet winter.

Waters over the Northern Pacific, particularly from Alaska to California, are also warm. The cycle in this part of the Pacific takes many years to run its course. The effect of the warm waters in the northern Pacific could counteract some of the impact of a strong El Niño. This winter’s El Niño could become the strongest in more than 50 years. Alex Sosnowski, Senior Meteorologist

How Does Homeowner’s Insurance Apply?

Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover damage from rain but not from flooding. Flood coverage is excluded and you need to purchase a separate policy. There is a 30 day waiting period for all flood insurance.

Take action now for unpredicted weather

  • Inspect all windows and weather stripping.
  • Check and clean gutters.
  • Inspect your fireplace and flue system to ensure that they’re clean of any soot or creosote and that there aren’t any cracks or voids that could cause a fire hazard.
  • Make sure that water runs away from your foundation.
  • Check hot water heater for leaks.
  • Insulate any water lines/pipes that run along outer walls.
  • Check all smoke alarms and replace batteries.
  • Repair roof leaks and cut away tree branches that could fall on your home or other structure during a storm.

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