Your Home Is A Castle Not A Dungeon


Owning a home in the North Bay is one of the most important investments you can make. As your family grows, your needs will change as well as your risk. We think it is very important to review your home insurance program every year to make sure it still meets your needs.

At North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc., we know how hard you’ve worked to turn your house into a home. Since your home is one of the most important financial investments of your lifetime, you’ll need proper coverage in order to keep your investment protected and provide your family with the guarantee that they’ll always be safe and sound.

Compared with investment decisions and estate planning issues, perhaps questions about the language in your homeowner’s policy may seem hardly worth considering. Yet the more successful you become, the more complicated your asset-protection needs are likely to be, and the more you have to lose.

  1. Gaps in homeowner’s coverage. Every homeowner needs to review their coverage regularly to keep up with rising replacement costs. But insuring different kinds of homes in different locales poses extra challenges. If you buy insurance from more than one carrier, you may face contrasting rules, limitations, and policy renewal dates.
  2. Under insuring art and collectibles. Standard homeowner’s policies limit coverage for the losses of antiques, furs, and other valuables. While you could schedule additional coverage, insuring the real value of a collection of contemporary art or vintage muscle cars, likely will require a specialized policy addressing several critical issues.
  3. Make sure you keep up with the true replacement cost of your home. Often people let this go for a few years, but it can be devastating.
  4. Forgetting to insure household employees. When someone works for you or your family as a nanny, landscaper, personal assistant, or in another role, you could be liable for medical expenses and lost wages if the worker is hurt on the job.

At North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc., we combine premium Auto Insurance with personalized service to give you the best coverage possible. Our insurance specialists will work with you one-on-one to find a policy that keeps you and your drivers protected at all costs – for peace-of-mind driving assurance.


Beam Me Up Scotty… My North Bay Home Is Protected


Can you believe all the new innovations that are available for your North Bay home? Many new technologies can help you in the kitchen, help keep your home cooler in summer, and some even reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums. Here is a recent quote from an insurance company, “If somebody has some sort of temperature-monitoring system in their house, we give them a discount for that.”

Here are a few technologies that will help keep your home safe, and will also lower              home insurance costs.

  1. Security systems — It seems like everywhere you go, there’s a camera capturing images. If you own a smartphone or tablet, you probably have a camera that’s built into the device. You can not only secure your home, but actually see what is going on through videos.
  2. Electronic locks — Nowadays you don’t even need a key to get into your home! These electronic locks can add additional security to your home.
  3. Connected appliances — Appliances that you can turn off and on from your smart phone not only help with your lifestyle, but also keep your home safe.
  4. Leak detection systems — Smart homes can be controlled from your phone, and when connected to your home’s water and electrical system, can provide you with real-time updates on how these systems are performing. If you are using more water than normal, you will be notified that there is likely a leak present.
  5. Timed lighting — Having outside and inside lights come on during the evening while you are away deters burglars.
  6. Smoke and fire detectors — Having good detection systems keeps your family safe and insurers provide discounts for these.
  7. Home weather warning systems — There are weather warning programs that can detect high winds and identify severe weather earlier than ever before.

North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc. is your trusted solution for homeowners insurance. We offer coverage options that are both flexible and affordable, and will work with you on an individual basis to find a policy that best suits your needs. Our team is dedicated to providing the assurance that your family and your possessions are secure.

A Guy Walks Into A Bar…..


North Bay Business Risk

There is no denying the fact that success of a North Bay business depends on the hard work of the team, but one disaster can wipe out your efforts and bring down the profits to dust. So, to avoid such an instance, you need to insure your business, whether it is a small enterprise or a large corporation.

Business Insurance

  • There are insurance companies, which have policies that combine protection for all major property and liability risks in one package. Such a policy is called a business owners’ policy (BOP). Larger companies may purchase a commercial insurance package policy separately.
  • BOPs include property insurance for buildings and equipment owned by the company. If there is any loss of income due to disruption of operation and business because of accidents like fire, it can be covered under the Business Interruption Insurance.
  • There are liabilities, which cover the company’s legal responsibility for the harm it may cause to others. It is the result of your company’s failure to do the business operations. It can also be the bodily injury or property damage caused due to defective products, faulty installations and errors in services provided.
  • BOPs can also cover your businesses commercial auto risk, including auto liability and physical damage.
  • However, BOPs don’t cover professional liability, auto insurance, worker’s compensation or health and disability insurance. Separate policies are needed for professional services, vehicles and employees. Generally, floods, earthquakes and terrorist attacks are not covered in the business insurance.

No matter what business you’re in, each workday is dedicated to doing your job well and providing your customers with the best service possible. North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc. would like to return the favor by giving you the coverage you need to ensure the security of your business.

At North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc., we’re committed to keeping your business protected – so you can focus on your day-to-day operations. And with the right insurance plan, your business will be covered from top to bottom.