Don’t Let A Crisis Give You A Heart Attack!

Firemen at work on fire

North Bay business owners must take some time to think about many of the risks associated with experiencing a major loss, like last year’s major earthquake. A loss might come from an earthquake, riot, flood, or fire. Doing a little re-planning will go a long way in helping your business survive the “big event”.

  1. Get your North Bay business insurance in order. Your business insurance program needs to have coverage for the risk you face. Is your building near a river? Then you may need flood insurance. Did you know tornados occur in every state? Do you have the proper insurance? Consider reviewing your business income limit, extra expense coverage and other key coverage’s.
  2. Develop a plan. It is a good idea to have a plan to evacuate the building, coordinate and account for all employees. Obtain personal phone numbers from all employees to facilitate communication during and after the event.
  3. Have scheduled fire drills.
  4. Consider an alternative business site. If your building is temporarily closed you may need an alternate location. Have a plan in place where you might go. Develop partnerships with other businesses with which you could share facilities.
  5. Keep your building safe. It is always good to make sure your facility is up to code and has adequate security and safety equipment.
  6. Pre-approve contractors. It will save you a lot of time if you have established relationships with contractors. Your business insurance company will have a list of these as well.

Our team of business insurance professionals can design a program that fits your budget and exposures. Protection and security is what a comprehensive insurance program provides for your business. We will work with you to develop the plan that meets your needs. We maintain strong relationships with our insurance companies which offer comprehensive plans at competitive prices.

At North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc., we’re committed to keeping your business protected – so you can focus on your day-to-day operations. And with the right insurance plan, your business will be covered from top to bottom.