Recovery after a Cyber Loss


How to Use Cyber Insurance to Your Benefit

According to IT Business Edge, 50% of California businesses listed cyber security as one of their top five  business risks. Cyber liability is the risk posed by conducting business over the Internet, over other networks, or using electronic storage technology. It covers third party losses from hackers, theft, and loss of information including sensitive client or individual personal information. According to the latest studies, firms with 50 or less employees are the most at risk, due to lack of controls and security. North Bay Insurance Brokers can offer complete business insurance to many different kinds of business.

Cyber Liability Risk Management

Thanks to Anderson Kill for providing some of this information. We recommend that every business should consider cyber liability insurance. As businesses consider protecting themselves against cyber-attacks, it is important that they get up to speed to build out their digital security plans. In the event of a claim, here are a few ways to maximize your coverage.

  1. Read your cyber liability policy. It is important you understand the coverage before the loss occurs.
  2. Select an independent agent like us to help you design a product that fits your needs.
  3. Have a plan in place to manage a data breach. If a breach occurs, there should be a clear protocol for which employee is managing the situation, and what action should be taken; such as informing the insurance company.
  4. Report the claim to your cyber liability insurer. It might also be a good idea to submit a claim to your other commercial liability insurers as well.
  5. Protect client’s information. Make sure you have coverage for notification and legal fees as part of your cyber liability policy.
  6. Ensure that your cyber insurance covers breaches arising from mobile devices.
  7. Try to find coverage that does not have contractual liability exclusions.

Coverage is affordable and available to both large and small businesses. We will tailor cyber liability insurance to meet your specific needs.

North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc. provides insurance to businesses in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, American Canyon, and surrounding areas.

No matter what business you’re in, each workday is dedicated to doing your job well and providing your customers with the best service possible. North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc. would like to return the favor by giving you the coverage you need to ensure the security of your business.


What Do Diamond Rings, Dog Bites and Hotels Have In Common?


One of the many advantages of using an independent agent is that we understand your risks and can design a California homeowner’s policy that provides the insurance coverage your family needs. There are many different insurance companies and kinds for coverage from which to select. Call our office to make sure you have these things covered:

Unique Things Covered By Homeowner’s insurance

  1. That $5,000 diamond ring. Most homeowner’s polices have limitations on jewelry. If you have jewelry valued over $1,500 you will need to endorse your policy.
  2. Hotel stays after a covered loss. If you have “loss of use” coverage on your homeowner’s policy, it will cover the costs to house your family in a hotel, or other location, while the repairs to your home are being completed. Subject to policy terms.
  3. Dog bites. If you have a dog, your homeowner’s insurance can cover liability arising from your dog biting a third party. Certain breads may be excluded.
  4. Food in your refrigerator. Homeowner’s insurance can also cover all the goodies in your fridge. Say a big storm knocks out the power and everything in your fridge spoils. Well, don’t worry. Your homeowner’s coverage will likely step in to help. Coverage may be subject to your deductible.
  5. Imported oils and other special foods. If a covered loss cause’s damage to expensive imported foods, your homeowner’s policy can provide coverage; as long as you are not running a business out of your home.

Please check with our office regarding these items. All coverage will be subject to your actual policy terms and conditions.

At North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc., we know how hard you’ve worked to turn your house into a home. Since your home is one of the most important financial investments of your lifetime, you’ll need proper coverage in order to keep your investment protected and provide your family with the guarantee that they’ll always be safe and sound.

Airline Seats & Commercial Buildings Can You Get An Upgrade?


Do I need building ordinance coverage for my California business?

Replacement cost insurance alone may not rebuild your building back to its original state. Why? Because more than likely there are new building codes that will affect the construction of your new building. Replacement cost insurance is designed to rebuild or replace your building as it was just prior to the loss. It will not cover the extra costs to make the building better.  For example, it would not cover the cost of adding a sprinkler system, if the new building code required one.

The ordinances and requirements can originate from many sources, local, state or federal.  A common example of a federal construction code is the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), requiring building owners to build with the proper additions to aid disabled people. However, most of the emphasis is on local codes as the local jurisdictions are charged with enforcing the building codes.

At North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc., we’re committed to keeping your business protected – so you can focus on your day-to-day operations. And with the right insurance plan, your business will be covered from top to bottom.

There are three parts to most building ordinance coverage:

Coverage for Loss to the Undamaged Portion of a Building– This coverage responds when a covered loss triggers the application of an ordinance or law, but only a portion of the building is damaged. If the undamaged portion of the building is rendered as unusable or condemned by an ordinance, then it would have to be torn down. Thus a total loss of the building would be incurred.

Cost of Demolition– This coverage pays the cost to demolish the undamaged portion of the partially damaged building. (The property coverage responds to demolition and debris removal of the damaged portion of the building).

Coverage for the Increased Costs of Construction– This coverage includes the recovery of costs related to making the building compliant with current building codes. Examples might be updated windows, ADA compliance, greater fire resistive roofing materials and earthquake retrofitting.

Keep all these in mind when reviewing your business insurance policy. We will be happy to review your business insurance policy.  At North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc., we understand that being unique is what makes your business successful across the board. That’s why we provide industry-specific insurance options for businesses of all types.

Your Auto Limits Have Just Been Used Up… Is That Even Possible?


California Auto Insurance Minimum Requirements

Financial responsibility (commonly known as insurance) is required on all vehicles operated or parked on California roadways. You must carry evidence of financial responsibility in your vehicle at all times and it must be provided. These numbers represent different limits on your policy. If you have limits on your auto policy of 15/30/5, it means you have $15,000 per person, $30,000 per accident and $5,000 property damage limits. If you cause an accident, your insurance will provide payments up to those limits to the other person(s) for the injuries/damage you caused to them or their property.

  • Per person, the amount of insurance to pay for injury to others
  • Per accident, the amount of insurance you have for the total accident
  • Property damage, the amount of insurance you have to pay for the other persons car

We recommend you always consider limits above the state minimums. Most new cars cost more than $25,000 and if your auto insurance limit is used up, the remaining amount will come right out of your bank account.

Auto Insurance Terms

In case you want to better understand your personal auto insurance coverage, here are other terms to keep in mind.

  1. Bodily Injury: Bodily injury liability covers you in the event that you cause an accident in which another person (or people) is injured.
  1. Property Damage: Coverage in case your car damages someone else’s property; usually this means someone else’s car, but it could be a fence, building or other piece of property.
  1. Medical Payments: Medical Payments covers certain medical expenses if any vehicle occupants are injured in an accident.
  1. Collision Coverage: Collision coverage is an optional coverage that covers damage to your car caused by impact with another car or object.
  1. Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive car insurance coverage is also an optional coverage that covers damages to your car caused by something other than a collision; like theft, fire, etc.

As a locally owned and operated insurance agency in Sonoma, California, North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc. is committed to providing quality insurance products for individuals and businesses. We combine our strong insurance background and product knowledge to assist both current and future clients in managing and planning for all types of risk.