Do You Need A Personal Umbrella Policy?


You’ve worked hard to earn your lifestyle. Consider adding additional liability protection to your North Bay Auto, Home, Renters or Condo policy. Personal Umbrella Liability coverage added to your other policies can protect you, your spouse and any relatives living in your home. Let the staff at North Bay Insurance Brokers show you the value of an personal umbrella liability policy.

Umbrella Insurance Protection

Umbrella Insurance provides extra protection or limits above the liability insurance you currently have. Just as an umbrella protects you from heavy rain, an umbrella insurance policy protects you from losing the entirety of your wealth and assets in the event of a claim. Umbrella insurance can provide limits above your business insurance, personal auto and home policies.

Umbrella insurance provides broad insurance beyond traditional insurance. It provides additional liability coverage above the limits of your primary insurance policies. It can also provide coverage for claims that may be excluded by the primary policies

It is true that personal umbrella insurance may not be for business or individual, but if you are a business, wanting to protect your company’s resources, building financial resources for your future, are a professional, own your home, boat or recreation vehicle, you should consider an umbrella insurance policy.  Having the added protection of an umbrella insurance policy is coverage no one should go without. Call us today, for a free review.

California High Net Worth Individuals

Do you own a boat, second home or have other expensive toys? Often high net worth individuals need higher liability limits to protect personal assets. A simple rule is, the more you own the greater risk you may have of losing it. The nice thing about an umbrella policy is that it is competitively priced.

When you work with North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc., you’ll experience the exceptional service and attention to detail that you can only find with an independent insurance agency.


Top Election Issues for California Businesses

ClipArt-VoteButtonBusiness Insurance and Elections

With local and federal elections approaching we thought it would be good to identify a number of critical business issues that may have an impact on your North Bay commercial insurance and risk management program. Commercial insurance can protect your business from many unknown or unforeseen losses like costly litigation, fire, auto accidents, natural disasters and more. We are the leading provider of business and personal insurance in Austin.

North Bay Business Insurance Concerns

  1. The Affordable Care Act- As we move into 2015, heath care will continue to be on the top of the list. There are many provisions that take effect in 2015, including Employer Shared Responsibility (ESR) provisions, ESR reporting requirements, the 90-day waiting period limitation and use of the orientation period within the 90-day waiting period, renewal of non-compliant plans, health insurance marketplaces, and the small business tax credit. (Source Benefits Pro)
  2. Credit Card Fees- Many businesses use credit cards as part of their daily operations. Credit card fees cost businesses over $50 billion per year. A recent U.S. law (the Durbin Amendment) reduced the cost of some debit card transactions but it didn’t regulate credit card swipe fees. Many believe this may be addressed in 2015.
  3. Employment Reform- Changes in how businesses manage employees will always be a hot topic. Expect to see changes in how employers manage overtime and how “spouse” is defined under the Family and medical Leave act. There could also be talk of a national minimum wage.
  4. Cyber Liability- With all the breaches in 2013 – 2014 we expect to see increased support for stiffer regulations regarding privacy issues. This highlights the need even more to purchase cyber liability insurance.
  5. Directors & Officers Fiduciary Duties- The current administration will increase pressure to make owners and directors of small private businesses responsible for more retirement and benefit programs. This is another reason why every business should consider Directors & Officers Liability

Your business is a multifaceted machine that requires protection at every level. The people who make your business go deserve the assurance that they are covered at all costs. At North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc., we understand that quality coverage options for your employees will ensure that your business attracts and maintains the best workers.

What To Do After An Auto Accident

“If your memory is as bad as ours, the following information is on the Allied Insurance mobile app for your smartphone”.

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Don’t Let an Auto Accident be a Pain

Automobile accidents happen every day in the North Bay region. Although no one wants to experience an auto accident, knowing what to do in case one happens to you could soften the impact on your life in the days and weeks to follow. You purchase California auto insurance to help you through accidents when, or if, they happen.  If you have an auto accident, we are here to help you.  You may always call us to help you through the process.

At the Scene

  • If you are involved in an accident, think about your safety and those around you before thinking about insurance. The first priority is to check for injuries at the scene. Call 911 for medical help if anyone at the scene is injured. Notify the police as soon as possible.
  • Try to protect the scene; don’t move vehicles unless the police instruct you to.
  • Obtain the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all persons involved, including passengers and witnesses. It is a good idea to look at drivers licenses. Record the license plate numbers of all cars involved. Get complete Insurance information, including policy numbers. Having the agents name and number is also beneficial.
  • Never admit an accident was your fault, even if you think it was. An apology can be construed as an admission of fault. Let the authorities determine who was responsible. Auto accidents can be disorienting even if you are not physically injured. You may not be aware of all factors leading up to the crash.
  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible, even if damages are minor.
  • In some cases you also must report the accident to the DVM.
  • You have the right to take your car to the repair shop of your choice. It can be beneficial to get two quotes as pricing and quality vary.
  • Use your smart phone to take pictures before vehicles are moved. It provides documentation.

We are here to help you with your California auto insurance needs. We have access to many insurance products and can provide you with competitive premiums. We offer auto liability, auto collision and auto comprehensive coverage.

At North Bay Insurance Brokers, Inc., we combine premium auto Insurance with personalized service to give you the best coverage possible. Our insurance specialists will work with you one-on-one to find a policy that keeps you and your drivers protected at all costs – for peace-of-mind driving assurance.